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Best WordPress Booking Plugin for Fitness Studios

Fitness studios nationwide have been forced to adapt their operations due to COVID-19. Having a WordPress booking plugin can help your fitness studio thrive even during these strange times. From offering virtual sessions to letting gym members looking to exercise at their facilities in-person book an appointment to keep numbers low, a WordPress booking plugin for fitness studios can make a big difference.

Start Booking is a great option for fitness studios, yoga studios, boutique gyms, and other service-based businesses. Its powerful yet easy-to-use software allows you to equip your WordPress website with an interactive online calendar and comprehensive time management platform. (Don’t have a WordPress website? Learn more about how to add online booking to your site here.) Start Booking helps you book more appointments and grow your business.

When it comes to fitness studios, Start Booking can prove even more useful, especially during COVID-19. We’ll cover what makes the Start Booking WordPress booking plugin for fitness studios so useful.

Offer virtual classes

Start Booking integrates seamlessly with Zoom to allow you to offer 100% virtual online classes. Customers can view available online classes, sign up for a class, and pay for their class all through your website’s online calendar. Customize teachers, available spots, and more.

Schedule virtual one-on-one coaching sessions

Use the Start Booking + Zoom integration to offer virtual coaching or personal training sessions. You can customize availability, length, and staff members for one-on-one sessions – then, customers will be able to sign up and pay for their session on your site.

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Let clients visit on an appointment basis

If your fitness studio is still open for in-person visitors, consider allowing customers to schedule when they’ll come in. This can help you keep numbers down and allow for safe social distancing. Invite existing members to reserve a time slot to come in using the Start Booking online calendar.

A convenient way to manage your calendar

Start Booking allows you and your staff to easily coordinate class schedules, teacher availability, and upcoming bookings.

The Start Booking WordPress booking plugin for fitness studios can help your gym move online and adapt to these new circumstances.

Learn more about our WordPress calendar booking plugin or download the Start Booking WordPress plugin now for free!

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