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If you love WordPress as much as we do then you will love the WordPress calendar booking plugin from Start Booking. At it's core, the booking plugin provides a powerful connection between the Start Booking scheduling software and your WordPress website.

At Start Booking, we believe in the vision of WordPress and have built the best WordPress booking plugin to empower you to grow your WordPress website. Over the years we have tried many of the WordPress booking plugins available and they all fell short for two major reasons. They didn't fully integrate booking into the WordPress site or they expected our clients to manage their online booking from the WordPress admin.

With the Start Booking WordPress booking plugin, you can provide customers the ability to book appointments directly with you without leaving your website and you don't have to manage your spa, salon, or office from the WordPress admin.

Below are some of the basics of a WordPress booking plugin and you can rest assured that the Start Booking team is committed to building the best WordPress booking system on the market.

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Performance Focused

The moment a potential customer decides to take a chance with you and book an appointment is critical. Don't let a slow hosting company, site speed or performance crush your chance of converting a customer.

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Increase Conversion

Don't give your potential customers any reason to leave your site without booking an appointment. Our WordPress booking plugin is focused on converting users directly on the site they visited and trust.

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Fully Customizable

Don't want the same booking experience as everyone else? Leverage our fully customizable booking plugin and add the optimized booking flow where it make sense for your website

WordPress Booking Plugin Overview

Select Service
View & Select Service

Once the WordPress booking plugin is installed and connected, you will have a booking page where your bookable services will display directly on your WordPress website.

Select appointment time
Select A Time That Works

After selecting the service you want to book, select the date and time that works for you. This automatically pulls from the Start Booking booking system to make sure and only display times that you have available.

Customer appointment information
Capture Customer Information

After the customer selects a time for the appointment, the checkout flow will capture the basic customer information and securely store it within the Start Booking system.

Booking Plugin Features

Customer Management

  • Customer profiles with tools to manage marketing preferences.
  • Comprehensive appointment history.
  • Create and view notes and logs for better record keeping.

Services Management

  • Comprehensive index with rich service details.
  • Book online with free and paid services.
  • View and assign individual staff members to each bookable service.
  • Detailed service notes for additional meta
  • Group services by service types for easy categorization.
  • Definable service duration with the ability to add wind-down time so you can properly prepare for your next appointment.
  • Define what services customers can be book online or internally.

Booking Appointments

  • Book single and multi-appointments in a single checkout
  • View and manage grouped appointments
  • Check-in and check-out features
  • Appointment overview with customer details, service, notes, assigned staff
  • Manually book times as an employee or leverage our powerful appointment booking search api which leverages the online booking features
  • Comes with WordPress booking plugin

Booking Calendar

  • Integrated and easy to use calendar
  • Multi-view options for the following views:
    • Single day by staff
    • Weekly by staff
    • 3-Day by staff
    • Monthly
  • Create appointments by selecting time on the calendar wherever you want
  • Easily change time by dragging the appointment to a new time slot and across multiple team members
  • Click to view appointment details and leverage quick actions such as checking-in or out, adding notes and cancelling

Staff Management

  • Individual and multi-user accounts
  • Invite users to your account and assign specific services for booking
  • Individual working hours and breaks per user
  • Personal notifications and alerts per staff

Booking Locations

  • Ability to set your office location and define office hours available for booking
  • Support for assigning and online booking specific rooms, chairs or physical locations within your office
  • Multi-location support coming soon!