Nurture Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management isn’t enough – as a small business, you’re in the business of taking care of your clients. Start Booking allows you to keep track of customer details so you can serve them even better.

Custom relationship management

Manage all your Customers

Keep in touch with your customers from the very moment an appointment is booked. Your customers’ information is stored automatically so you can track booking history, upcoming appointments, add-ons purchased, and who’s due for an appointment. Leverage all that valuable info to give your customers a personalized experience.

Keep in touch with your customers

Keep in touch

Never lose track of a lead or valued customer. Use Start Booking to send automated appointment reminders, respond to incoming customer inquiries, and manage every conversation from one inbox.

Manage your customers

Find a home for all of your customers

Load, find, and manage your customers all in one convenient place, no matter how big or small your client base is.

View custom customer profiles to help you keep track of who’s who and who’s due for an appointment.

Personalize the customer

Start Booking gives you the flexibility to personalize each step of your customer journey.

Personal customer communications

Allow your entire team to access each customer’s profile, comprehensive appointment history, and notes, offering more insight into what they’re looking for & how you can help them.

Personal customer communications

Keep track of who your VIPs are so you can continue to offer them an amazing customer experience.

Automatically save customer details

Automatically save customer details

No need for tedious manual entry – Start Booking automatically saves important customer details from the moment they book an appointment, including contact information and appointment history.

Track down who bought what and which customer received which service at your fingertips.

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