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How to get the most out of Start Booking scheduling software?

Pandemic has taught us many things and one of them is adopting the change in the way we work. Work from a Home culture has picked up the pace and that is the reason online scheduling software is in demand. 

Start Booking is one such online scheduling software that helps you book more than just appointments. It allows you to manage your online scheduling to maximize productivity. 

Following the social distancing norms, the software can help you to manage appointments at fixed times so that there is no rush at your workplace. 

Get most out of Start Booking scheduling software:-

  • Accept Appointments

The software is customer friendly as it provides 24/7 access to booking. Your customers will be able to book and schedule an appointment from any location and time. 

It is compatible with all the devices that offer a seamless booking experience. It provides a reliable and safe booking experience for both business owners and customers.

  • Group Bookings 

Start Booking lets you integrate with your online classes. It lets you create a class for multiple customers. You’ll be able to set up flexible group booking options depending on online sessions. The options are displayed on your website. 

  • Online Payments and Notifications

Scheduling software lets you integrate Stripe into the checkout process that lets you capture and accept payments for all your services and appointments. 

It provides reminder notifications so that you stay connected to your clients and experience fewer cancellations. Also, it notifies your customers about booking and scheduling

How does Start Booking work?

You need to get a subscription by visiting the Start Booking website. You can signup for 14 days of free trial to get started. Configure your details and the availability and then customize your calendar. 

You’ll be able to add details like business hours, available staff, and appointment types. You’ll be able to add the appointment scheduler to your website with a single click. 

So, customers that visit your website will be able to make an online booking from your company site. But for this, you’ll need to configure the WordPress booking plugin on the site. 

Once the plugin is activated, you’ll be able to accept bookings anytime. Your customers don’t have to manually call your customer service support to make bookings. 

Simple Integrations 

Start Booking offers simple integrations that save a lot of time. Also, it works smoothly with software that you might have installed for your business process. It integrates with Google calendar, Mail chimp, Google analytics, Stripe, WordPress, and Zoom calls. 

This software offers a perfect platform for online businesses and classes. From education to yoga studios and fitness centers, it allows clients to book one to one appointments online. 

The calendar feature offered by the software is white labeled. You’ll be able to customize it according to your business functions. When the integration function is easier, you’ll have more time to focus on other business tasks. 

Helps to Grow your Business

With no startup fee and amazing customer service, the software offers many other features for online booking. It lets you transfer your data from different online scheduling software. 

It doesn’t involve any kind of long-term contracts and commitments. You are free to cancel it anytime you like. Also, it lets you focus on effective time management that lets you optimize your schedule for maximum success. 

Online software acts as an add on marketing bundle to grow your online marketing. It accelerates your business growth so that you can scale your business higher. 

Wrapping up, 

With Start Booking software, you are giving your clients complete flexibility to book their appointments and schedules as per their requirements. 

When the communication is clear, it is key to business success. With easy online access, your customers would love the convenience the software offers. 

It’ll help to build loyalty and trust in business. Have you integrated with the software yet? Do it and experience the difference.