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Start Booking Appointments
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The Start Booking product comes packed with a wide set of online booking features so that you can better operate and grow your personal needs or small business. We are passionate about delivering a product that serves your online booking and appointment needs. Take a look below at some of the Start Booking product highlights!

Booking Appointments

  • Book single and multi-appointments in a single checkout
  • View and manage grouped appointments
  • Check-in and check-out features
  • Appointment overview with customer details, service, notes, assigned staff
  • Manually book times as an employee or leverage our powerful appointment booking search api which leverages the online booking features
  • Comes with WordPress booking plugin
  • Extend your booking experience with custom form fields

Classes & Group Booking

  • Create and manage unlimited classes
  • Unlimited schedules for each class that can be assigned to different users and rooms
  • Ability to hide or display specific class shedules on your website
  • Seamless WordPress integration so customers can book directly from your website
  • Calendar filtering to easily and quickly find the classes you or your customers are looking for

Services Management

  • Comprehensive index with rich service details.
  • Book online with free and paid services.
  • View and assign individual staff members to each bookable service.
  • Detailed service notes for additional meta
  • Group services by service types for easy categorization.
  • Definable service duration with the ability to add wind-down time so you can properly prepare for your next appointment.
  • Define what services customers can be book online or internally.

Booking Calendar

  • Integrated and easy to use calendar
  • Multi-view options for the following views:
    • Single day by staff
    • Weekly by staff
    • 3-Day by staff
    • Monthly
  • Create appointments by selecting time on the calendar wherever you want
  • Easily change time by dragging the appointment to a new time slot and across multiple team members
  • Click to view appointment details and leverage quick actions such as checking-in or out, adding notes and cancelling

Staff Management

  • Individual and multi-user accounts
  • Invite users to your account and assign specific services for booking
  • Individual working hours and breaks per user
  • Personal notifications and alerts per staff

Booking Locations

  • Ability to set your office location and define office hours available for booking
  • Support for assigning and online booking specific rooms, chairs or physical locations within your office
  • Multi-location support coming soon!

Customer Management

  • Custom customer profiles.
  • Comprehensive appointment history.
  • Create and view notes and logs for better record keeping.

Smart Booking Technology

  • Automatically identifies when you are available for appointments.
  • Saves time so you don’t have to define appointment times.
  • Works seamlessly with your personal calendars connected with Google Calendar.

Powerful Integrations

Customer Communications

  • Customer emails with email template configuration.
  • Booking confirmation, cancellations and reminder text messages. Marketing Bundle
  • Send newsletters to your customers with the Mailchimp integration. Marketing Bundle