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How can Start Booking Help you Launch your Online Fitness Classes?

Are you looking for ways to improve your virtual customer service experience? Then you need to know about the Start Booking software. It provides a wide range of online booking features that’ll help you to grow your business online. 

It takes care of all your online bookings, appointments, and scheduling needs. The software helps you in the booking of single and multi appointments. 

This software offers comprehensive service and staff management features. It lets you integrate with the booking calendar so that you can manage a large customer base online. It also lets you set your booking locations. 

Start Booking can help you launch your online fitness classes, read on to know more

Due to Covid-19, most fitness studios are taking online fitness sessions. Are you planning to launch a fitness studio online? Then Start Booking will help you with your setup. 

It features a WordPress booking plugin that offers virtual sessions. Not only fitness classes, but you’ll be able to manage online yoga classes, boutique gyms, and other service-based workshops with the software. 

It allows you to equip your WordPress site with an interactive online calendar and time management platform. It helps you to book appointments based on your business needs. 

Virtual Classes and Coaching Sessions

Start Booking software offers seamless integration with the video calling platform Zoom. From virtual coaching to personal training sessions, you’ll be able to customize the availability for different one-to-one sessions. 

Your customers will be able to view the available online class sessions. They will be able to sign up and pay for their class through your site’s online calendar. You’ll be able to customize teachers according to sessions and also check for spots. 

Your customers will be able to sign up and choose a day on your site itself. You’ll be able to schedule your online fitness classes based on time. 

Visit on an Appointment Basis 

We are living in times of pandemic when social distancing is important. With the help of this software, your customers’ will be able to schedule when they’ll come in. 

They can schedule an appointment if your fitness studio is open for in-person visitors. This will help to keep the numbers down so that you can manage the crowd better. 

Invite your existing members to reserve a time slot according to their convenience. Booking an online class appointment has never been this simple. You’ll be able to manage your clients in a better way. 

Time Zones 

Different locations have different time zones and this could be a challenging task for online fitness classes. With the software, you’ll be able to define a default time zone for your account.

All the scheduled bookings will be relative to the time zone you select. As a website owner, you’ll be able to select the time zone that helps your customers. 

Set the time zone option by logging into your account once you use the software. Scheduling an online fitness class according to time is tricky at times. But, with time management options, the task will be easier. 

Wrapping up,

Start Booking offers the most convenient way to launch your online fitness classes. It allows you to coordinate the different class schedules and upcoming bookings. 

The WordPress fitness plugin when integrated with the software can help to set up a virtual gym. You can also manage unlimited schedules for each class and display class schedules on your WordPress website. Customers can visit your site and book a session or class directly as it offers seamless integration. The calendar-filtering feature will help your customers to find an online fitness class or session they are looking for. Integrate with Start Booking software to get started.