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How to create upsells for online booking?

If you’re still using a calendar for booking appointments, then you need to upgrade your software. Online booking software helps you to integrate with your website so that you can help your customers make booking appointments. 

Scheduling tools helps your business grow by taking care of customer management. 

Scheduling software leverages cloud technology and empowers you to scale your business higher. The best part about scheduling software is; you’ll be able to customize your bookings according to business needs. 

Start Booking is one such popular booking software that lets you create upsells for online booking. Read on to know more about it. 

Upsells for Online Booking

Upsells are an essential part of running a business. Most businesses encounter multiple upsells each day. When you go and buy a sandwich and the clerk asks, “Would you like to have coffee with that?” You might have heard this. But, have you ever realized it? 

There isn’t an ideal time to ask for coffee when the customer is buying a sandwich, right? An upsell is anything that works according to your business. 

For a salon business, an upsell could be a free hair massage with a haircut. For a consultant, an upsell could be a personal meeting compared to a Zoom meeting session, and for a yoga studio, it could be renting a yoga mat with every session.

How Upsells work?

When you download the booking software, you’ll find a different section for upsells. It is in the booking form editor section of the software. From the given options, you’ll find all the upsells you have and the ability to create new ones according to your business needs. 

For your services, upsells can increase the duration of your appointment and increase the price of the session. For online classes, upsells cannot extend the duration of the class but you’ll be able to increase the cost of the session. 

Example of Upsell:- 

Take into account a Barbershop scenario:

You’ll have to create a upsell for a beard trim. Then you’ll need to add the upsell conditions. Upsell conditions are how you set and describe when your booking software displays the upsell to the customer. 

It sets the condition of beard trim upsell when the customer selects the hair cut service from the software. Once the upsell is created, you’ll be able to view the upsell from the manage tab option. 

Once the beard trim upsell is created, it’s time to integrate it into the booking flow of your software. 

This will build the ability to preview different scenarios for displaying the upsells. That’ll help you to understand what upsells will be displayed to your online customers. 

You’ll easily be able to configure it in your booking system without any condition. Upsells help you to increase sales and boost your business.

Wrapping up, 

The majority of people opt for online booking rather than manual booking. It’s easier to click and make an appointment than visiting the shop. Online scheduling software is essential for businesses like – Spa, Salon, and Online classes. 

Booking software accepts group bookings and lets you make online appointments based on your convenience. It gives you reminder notifications regarding the booking you make. 

It’s safe, reliable, flexible, and can be integrated with your business website. Booking software is compatible with all devices including tablets and mobiles. If you already have a booking software, then do upgrade it to upsell service.