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How to Transition Your Business Online

If your company’s used to doing all of its business in-person, now is the time to pivot instead of waiting out the storm. Successfully operating your service business during the new normal involves a lot of patience, flexibility, and creativity. If you don’t transition your business online, you run the risk of missing out on valuable opportunities for growth.

How to transition your business online during COVID-19

There are so many ways you can move your business online to continue bringing in revenue, whether your storefront is open or completely closed right now. We’ll cover a few ways any business can go virtual.

Create more online content

With more and more people spending their time at home, the demand for online content is higher than ever. Use this time to grow your virtual audience. Spend time updating your company social media accounts, creating shareable content, writing blog posts to boost your SEO, and nurturing your email list. Once things start to go back to business as usual, you’ll be glad you did.

Sell products online

Consider creating an online store to sell physical products online. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce make it easy. If you operate a beauty salon, sell salon-quality hair care or hair accessories. Sell workout gear or at-home exercise equipment if you own a fitness studio. As for any other businesses, try selling merchandise or gift cards to be used at a later date. It’ll add an additional revenue stream for your business!

Book appointments online

If your shop is still open for business, consider transitioning to booking online. Requiring customers to make appointments in advance can allow you to make sure your store doesn’t get too crowded and social distance staff and clients. Having a reliable online booking system put in place also lets clients book appointments far in advance and change their bookings if they feel unwell or uncomfortable coming in.

Offer virtual services

Use Skype, Zoom, or another video conferencing platform to move your services online. They’re great for offering one-on-one appointments or group classes. Let your customers book virtual consultations, fitness classes, yoga classes, or coaching. Try integrating Start Booking with Zoom for a seamless virtual booking experience.

Though current circumstances may make it more difficult to operate your business the way you’re used to, it is possible to have a successful service business even in an increasingly virtual world.

If you’re looking to move your business online, use the Start Booking online scheduling software to accept appointments directly through your website. It’s customizable, convenient, and easy to use for staff and customers alike. Start your free trial today.