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Repeat clients spell growth for your med spa business

Earning repeat clients is an important component of the long term success of your medical spa business. Businesses often have no qualms about investing time and resources into gaining new clients, yet they often underestimate the importance of customer retention.

Why your first time clients are not becoming repeat clients — and how to change that

The numbers are jaw-dropping, For every ten clients who walk through your door, only three will become repeat customers. Three. This means that 70% of your first time clients will not come back to your med spa.

Customer loyalty is essential for your med spa business. Each new client who walks into your medical spa should be considered a treasure, as they each play a part in the growth of your business. With so much competition in the medical spa industry, it is more important than ever to convert each first time client into a repeat client.

The first experience in your med spa needs to be an exceptional one to keep your clients coming back. If something is awry, then the first visit will also be the client’s last. You must earn your client’s business, because it is not a given.

If your clients are not returning again and again, then it is time to evaluate the reasons. Today, we are sharing 5 ways to ensure that your clients keep coming back.

Make a good first impression.

First impressions are everything. Did you know that you only have a seven second window to make your first impression? It is often those non-verbal impressions that happen the moment the client walks into your med spa that have the greatest impact.

Is the setting pleasant and inviting? Was the client greeted quickly, warmly, and with a sincere smile? Does your staff look professional? Is the environment clean? Those initial impressions stick with the client and will determine their view of your med spa. You have 7 seconds to “wow” your client and just one chance to get it right.

Be thankful.

It really is simple, but often overlooked. The first time client chose you. With all of the other med spas out there, they made the conscious decision to book an appointment for services with you –– not to mention they have entrusted you with their skin. “Thank you for choosing our med spa today” is a simple statement with a meaningful impact.

Express your appreciation. Send a handwritten note of thanks. These are simple ways to express your gratitude and help win over the client. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and this does make a difference in building better relationships with your clients.

Rebook before the client walks out the door.

According to Modern Salon, there is no greater skill for you to develop than the art of rebooking. At the checkout station, don’t just say “thank you” and allow your clients to walk out the door. Book their next visit.

In order to do this, it is important not to ask a question that can be answered with the word “no.” Instead of saying, “Would you like to book your next appointment?” suggest the best time to return. For a client who had a waxing service, you could say, “To keep your legs nice and smooth, we’ll need to see you again in about 4 to 5 weeks. Which day of the week looks best for you?”

Offer retail products to boost client retention.

We all lead busy lives, including your clients. Convenience is something that your clients will appreciate. Offering retail products is a money maker for you, but also a convenience factor for your visitors. If your client had a facial peel that makes their skin photosensitive, offering them the opportunity to purchase a retail sunscreen is wise.

Studies show that your first time clients are almost 50% more likely to return if they purchase a product from your business. In a future post, we will discuss how to choose the retail products you offer in your med spa, but it is important to offer products that you use, are knowledgeable about, and believe in.

Follow up with your first time clients.

Follow up is very important in the med spa industry. The customer experience does not end when the client walks out the door. Creating memorable experiences for new clients continues long after they have left your facility. As a matter of fact, the follow up may be just as important as the first appointment itself.

Call or email your clients. Let them know that you care by asking how they are enjoying their results. You can tell them that you enjoyed meeting them and ask if they have any questions about after care if they have had a new procedure.

Since you are the one initiating contact, the client will feel more likely to express any questions or concerns. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your professionalism and outstanding customer service skills.

If you are finding that your first time clients seem to be one-time only ones, it is time to re-evaluate the suggestions listed above to make sure you are providing an extraordinary experience right from the start.

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