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How to choose the right skin care products for your med spa

Making sure you choose the right skin care products for your medical spa is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner.

Selecting skin care products can be a bit tricky. As a med spa owner, you need to provide a product line that is effective, offers scientifically proven results, and appeals to your customer base.

Selling retail skin care products often makes up a fair portion of a medical spa’s revenue, so choosing the right products is not a decision to be taken likely. Not only will your retail sales help add to your income, but the right products will help improve the results of the treatment services your clients have received.

Look for results-driven skin care products

It is important to take into account the scientific research and evidence behind each product. While there are so many skincare products promising the fountain of youth, you know that these claims are marketing gimmicks that often don’t deliver.

The products you choose need to be ones you believe in, ones that produce visible results, and ones that offer something different than over the counter skin care products.

Talk to the vendor to learn more about their products

Think about the treatments that you offer at your salon. Ask the product rep which products from their line will best complement the services you offer. Providing your clients with products that work to boost the effects of the services they are getting at your spa is invaluable. Not only does this offer convenience to your clients, it builds loyalty and the likelihood of med spa repeat bookings.

Do the brands you are considering offer training?

Of course, you are experts in the skincare field, however product knowledge is something that med spa professionals should always strive to keep learning.

Be sure that the brands you are considering welcoming into your spa offer product knowledge training for your staff. Knowing the ins and outs of each product not only will empower your staff to feel confident using and recommending the products, but it is another step at providing optimal customer care to your clients.

Product knowledge boosts sales, plain and simple. Confident staffers who know the products and ingredients and who are comfortable talking about them are better able to turn their recommendations into sales.

Know your customers.

What is your med spa’s demographic? You need to offer skin care products that best fit your clientele. If you have mainly 20-somethings who like simple skincare regimens with more bang for their buck, this needs to be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, if you cater to women who spare no expense (or time) with their skincare and seek out multiple treatments to preserve the look of their youth, then a higher end European brand would be a better option.

Knowing your demographic is essential.

Lastly, do YOU believe in the skin care products you are using?

This requires an honest answer. Do you truly love the products you are using on your skin? Do you personally feel that they are the best products available in terms of product efficacy and quality of ingredients? If you have reservations about the products, don’t offer them. You and your staff are walking billboards for your med spa and you need to be passionate about the brands you sell. If you love the products, it will come across as you talk about their benefits with your clients.