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Online booking for WordPress

The Start Booking team is really excited to announce the launch of our WordPress plugin! We spent months thinking through how to create a seamless online booking experience for the millions of users running a WordPress website and we think you’ll love it!

Why online booking for WordPress?

For those of you that aren’t aware, WordPress powers ~30% of the internet! That’s huge and something we want to be apart of. In addition to the massive size of the market, we believe in open source software and are glad to support making the web a more open place.

What’s different from the other plugins?

As we reviewed what competitors were doing we found two major issues that we wanted to address.

First, we believe that if you go through all the hard work to get someone to come to your website, you deserve to keep them there! Most of the booking softwares on the market make your customers leave your site and go to the booking systems website to make an appointment. We don’t like that.

Secondly, many of the WordPress plugins we came across lean hard the opposite direction as well and force you to manage your online calendar directly from the WordPress admin. As much as we love WordPress, the thought of managing a calendar or office from the WordPress admin is a terrible idea as well.

When you setup online booking with the Start Booking WordPress plugin, you don’t have either of those challenges. You keep the customer on your site, and we provide you a platform to easily manage your appointments. 

We are excited and look forward to your feedback!

Where to find the booking plugin?