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Introducing booking for classes

We are really excited to announce the introduction of booking for classes and groups.

We are really excited to announce the introduction of booking for classes. Ever since we opened our doors for business earlier this year, one of the most requested features has continually been classes and group booking.

For the last 6 months, we have been laser-focused on delivering a dead simple appointment scheduling solution and we think we made some great progress.  Now with this classes release, we are ready to expand into group booking and this is just the beginning. Take a look at some of the details below.

New Dashboard

The new dashboard brings a personal touch when you first log. You can quickly browse the latest bookings, new customers and what your bookings for the day look like.

Start Booking Dashboard

Recurring Classes

Until now, appointment bookings have had a 1-1 relationship from a timing perspective as well as a user/human fulfillment perspective as well. We felt the right decision was to continue having appointments as a single event that is booked with a specific user but as you create classes you now have the ability to define a variety of recurring schedules if you want.

Time Zones

Supporting time zones can be a very tricky problem to solve and we know it’s a feature many of our users are looking for. Starting today, you now have the ability to define a default timezone for your account and all scheduled bookings will be relative to your account time zone.

There are many ways we could have solved this problem and we felt the most meaningful approach would be to allow you as the account owner to be able to define what timezone you wanted your bookings set for and let everything else be relative to that. If you haven’t logged into your account lately, please do so and be sure to set your account time zone.

WordPress Plugin Update

Lastly, we are really excited to release an update to our WordPress plugin (Version 1.3) which provides support for displaying your classes on your WordPress website. Up to this point, you could use a WordPress shortcode to display a booking form on any page or post and that has been great. Classes work in the same way, simply place the classes shortcode [startbooking_classes] on any page or post that you want to display your classes that customers can join.

Start Booking Classes List
Start Booking Classes List
Start Booking Classes Calendar
Start Booking Classes Calendar

We are really excited to bring this classes release to you and are looking forward to one more major release before the end of the year. We thank you for your patience and trust while we work hard to bring you the best online scheduling and booking app on the market.

-The Start Booking Team

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