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Classes V2 Upgrade Guide

We are very excited to announce Classes version 2. This update will provide your customers with a better user experience and give you more control over the look and feel of your booking flow.

The expected release of version 2.6 is Monday, May 11th at 8am MST.

This guide will help you if you are using WordPress with our WordPress booking plugin. It’s important that you understand how to apply these awesome changes and what to expect as the plugin gets updated.

Test Early

It’s important to test the update in an environment that limits your potential exposure, like a staging site or at least at a time when your customers are not active on your site. To test the updates on your site, download the new plugin and upload it to your site manually.

We know a lot of you have customized your classes booking flow so it is important to us to provide you with some time to make any adjustments necessary. If you do nothing, no worries, your website will get the update when we publish the update to WordPress.org.

What’s new in Version 2.6

If you are using the block based editor, we’ve added a new block called Legacy Classes. This block will continue supporting the old style and code of the legacy classes flow.

Notice the two now options, Legacy Classes and Classes.

Legacy Classes Block ( V1 )

This block will use version 1 of classes and will still honor any customizations you have made.

Again, if you do not want the look of your booking flow to change, then you will need to ensure the block set on your site is the Legacy Classes Block. Please note, that this block will not allow the usage of the new form editor.

Classes Block ( V2 )

To use the new classes, you will want to ensure your website is using the Classes block. This will give you access to the new classes form editor and the new booking flow.

Here is an example of the new classes form editor.

You can access the new classes form editor at https://app.startbooking.com/editor/class.

Using Shortcodes?

If you are using a shortcode to display your clases, your form will automatically update to the new version of classes. If you want to remain on the existing Legacy version of classes, you can update the value for flow in the shortcode.

New Class Form

[startbooking flow="classes"]

Legacy Class Form

[startbooking flow="legacy-classes"]

It’s our goal to make this transition as smooth as possible so you don’t have any issues through the process. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact support at support[at]startbooking.com and we will happily assist you through this.


Start Booking Team

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