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4 Best Tools for Running Your Salon Business

Chances are, you got started in the salon industry because you’re passionate about making people look and feel special and beautiful. But being a great salon owner involves a lot more than just being a killer hairstylist or aesthetician. You’ve got loads of responsibilities – from managing payroll to finding new clients to keeping existing clients happy to even hiring new stylists. Fortunately, so many online tools and software are available to help you run your salon business more smoothly and save time. Here are the best tools for running your salon business.


Canva makes it easy to create professional-looking graphics to promote your salon – even if you’re not much for graphic design. It’s free, easy to use, and really useful.

You’ll find templates for all sorts of things, from Instagram posts to flyers to YouTube thumbnails. Whether you find the perfect template already designed for you or you choose to create something more custom, you’ll be able to create something really pretty and polished. It’s a great tool for creating social media content and promotional materials.

Start Booking

Any salon owner knows how tricky and tedious scheduling can be. Whether you’re struggling to book enough appointments or you’re simply done with booking all of your appointments over the phone, you need a great salon appointment scheduler to make your life easier. Start Booking is so much more than just a calendar. The user-friendly platform focuses on time management, optimizing your schedule for maximum success. In fact, it’s the only online appointment scheduler that actually helps you book MORE appointments.

Start Booking allows your salon customers to see available times, customize their booking, and make new appointments directly on your website. Your clients will love the convenience. No more having to talk to a human or wait for business hours to schedule an appointment!

Start Booking also offers various custom integrations, allowing it to work seamlessly with other salon management software you might be using – from Google calendar to MailChimp to Stripe.


When it comes to running a successful salon business, social media is everything. It allows happy clients to share their experiences. It helps you reach your ideal customer. And it helps you show off the amazing results potential clients could experience if they book with you.

Of course, social media management can also be a huge time-waster. It’s all too easy to get lost in the likes and the scrolling. But Buffer makes social media a breeze.

Buffer makes it possible to plan all of your social posts at once, across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Once you create a new post on Buffer, you can share it instantly or schedule it for a later time or date. It makes it easy to share regular content and get the word out about any promotions or sales you might be running.


Any salon owner knows how frustrating it can be when a client misses an appointment. Having a good reminder and confirmation system in place can help you make sure your customers show up when you expect them to. MailChimp makes it really easy to communicate with customers and make sure they stay on top of their appointments.

With MailChimp, you can collect new email subscribers, organize your mailing list, create professional-looking email campaigns, and schedule email sending. It’s great for both recurring email sequences as well as one-time emails. It’s a powerful tool for any business owner.

Get the Best Tools for Running Your Salon Business

To achieve maximum success, you need to employ the best tools for running your salon business. Look for software that’s fully customizable, scalable, and easy to use.

Start Booking is the best salon appointment scheduler for salons that are looking to grow. Make managing your salon easier by starting a free trial today.

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