Running a salon isn’t easy. If you don’t have the very best salon management tools, you risk falling behind the competition and spending too much of your precious time trying to juggle appointments instead of making sure your customers have a great experience. How can you book more services and grow your business without spending all of your time sifting through emails or answering the phone?

Take control of your salon with the Start Booking salon appointment scheduler. This powerful, convenient tool will transform the way you run your salon and serve your customers.

The Start Booking salon appointment scheduler is so much more than a calendar. This comprehensive platform focuses on time management, optimizing your schedule for maximum success. Your salon customers will be able to see available times, customize their booking to fit their needs, and make appointments directly on your website. Toss the scratch paper you’ve been using to jot down upcoming appointments – start using Start Booking: the best salon appointment scheduler on the market.

Start Booking Scheduler

Get the Start Booking Salon Appointment Scheduler

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Start Booking to get started. Then, you’ll immediately be able to add your salon scheduling hours, appointment types, and available staff. Once you’ve configured your salon details, you’re ready to add the appointment scheduler directly to your website.

Adding the Start Booking salon appointment scheduler to your website is a simple 5-minute process. Simply copy your booking code from the Start Booking app and paste it straight into your website, and you’re ready to start accepting appointments! (Though of course, if you have any questions about getting started, feel free to reach out to our team via the chat window on the side of this page or refer to this help article on getting started.)


Grow Your Salon Business

Customers love the convenience and ease of Start Booking. Give your customers the online scheduling tools they need to easily book time with you – without having to work around business hours or talk to a human. That way, you’ll be able to fill more appointments so you can focus on providing your customers with a great experience and making your salon a success.

Looking for even more ways to grow your salon business? Consider adding on the Start Booking Marketing Bundle – a cost-effective bundle including Mailchimp integration, SMS text messaging notifications and reminders, Google Analytics integration, and Stripe coupons support. 


Free Transfer Assistance

Did you sign up for a different service, only to be totally disappointed by the results? Don’t worry – our team can assist you in transferring your salon appointments over to the Start Booking platform. We’re here to make your transition as smooth as possible. Contact the Start Booking team for assistance.

Start Booking Integrations

Custom Integrations

No matter what other tools you use to power your salon business, the Start Booking salon appointment scheduler will fit right in. With a WordPress booking plugin, Stripe payment capabilities, and two-way Google Calendar integration, Start Booking gives you the power to customize your software and make it work for you.

Start Your No-Commitment 14-Day Trial

Choosing which salon appointment scheduler to use for your business is a big decision. Take 14 days to try things out and see how Start Booking can kickstart your salon business – completely free of charge. You’ve got nothing to lose!

See how fast and easy booking salon appointments should be. Start using the Start Booking salon appointment scheduler today.