Running a salon can be a tough and competitive business especially when you don’t have the best salon tools available to you. Are you getting tired of managing your appointments through text messages, emails or phone calls? Take control of your salon with our salon appointment scheduler that can transform how you think about time and managing customers.

Our salon appointment scheduler is much more then just a calendar, we focus on managing your time so that you can be successful. By leveraging the Start Booking app, your salon customers can use the appointment scheduler straight from your website and find the best available times that you have setup. Put down the notebook or scratch paper containing your next appointments and start using the best salon appointment scheduler in the market!

Get salon appointment scheduler

After signing up for your 30-day free trial with Start Booking you can add and configure your salon scheduling hours and available staff for appointments. Once you have taken a few minutes to configure your salon details you are ready to start using the appointment scheduler straight from your own website.

Adding the Start Booking appointment scheduler is a simple 5 minute process where you copy your booking code from the Start Booking app and paste it straight into your Website. If you have any questions about adding the booking code to your website the Start Booking team is ready and available to assist you. In addition, feel free to browse our help article on getting started.

Free Transfer Assistance

We get it, you signed up for another service and you aren’t satisfied with the results. The Start Booking team can assist you in transferring your salon appointments over to the Start Booking platform. We know moving is hard but are here to make it easy and assist in the transfer of customers and data. Contact the Start Booking team for assistance today.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the your salon appointment scheduler from Start Booking we will provide you with a no questions asked full refund within the the first 30 days. You have nothing to lose!

Get started today and experience the difference of a true salon appointment scheduler from Start Booking!