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5 Best Features of Start Booking Salon Booking Software

Salon business is the busiest one as you’re constantly making booking appointments over phone calls. But, what if there is a software to simplify your tasks and give you the right business growth opportunity. With the right salon booking software, you’ll be able to set your tasks and have time to focus on other salon functions.

If you’re looking for one such software, then Start Booking is an ideal booking software you can invest in.

It’s convenient, flexible, powerful, and can run your salon business smoothly. Start Booking scheduler is not only a calendar, but it offers many more features.

Here are the top 5 features of Start Booking Salon Booking Software:-

1. Schedule your appointment

With Salon Booking Software, you’ll be able to add your appointment types, available staff, and scheduling hours. Once you configure the scheduler, you’ll be able to add it to your website.

Adding the software to your website is not time-consuming. You can do it in just five minutes so it also saves you time. Once you do that, it’s ready to take appointments.

Your customers will be able to schedule appointments according to their convenience. With the scheduling feature, they’ll have full access to book appointments as per their need.

2. Helps to grow your business

Most customers would love the ease that Start Booking offers. You’ll be able to give your customers the online scheduling tools they need without having to talk to humans or work around the business hours. 

With the use of Salon Appointment Scheduler, you’ll be able to fill in more appointments on providing your customers with a great salon experience. 

Start Booking software comes in a bundle pack, so you can customize features according to your salon business needs. The software also comes with notifications and reminder features. 

Your customers would get reminders every time they make a booking from the software. 

3. Custom integrations

If the software does not integrate with your business, then the integration process may take time. Start Booking software comes with a custom integration feature that helps to fit in right. 

No matter what other tools you use to power your salon business, this software makes sure that it integrates with your website and business needs. 

It lets you integrate with Google tools and other plugins like Stripe payment and Google calendar integration. Start Booking software scheduler offers a WordPress booking plugin that lets you integrate the software into your WordPress website.

Your customers can make direct bookings on your site through this feature without leaving your site. It gives you the power to customize your software and save time. 

4. Free transfer assistance

Every time you need to use new software, there is a signup process you have to go through. This can be quite frustrating especially if you are signing up from a different device. 

The Start Booking team can help you with the process so that you don’t lose anything. The team can assist you in transferring all your salon appointments to the Start booking platform. 

The transition process is smooth so you don’t have to worry about your previous customer list or new contacts. 

5. Free trial for 14 days 

Start Booking software gives you the benefit of free 14 days trial. Choosing a scheduling appointment for your salon business is a big decision. When you opt for a free 14 days trial, you’ll get to know more about the features it offers and how it makes things easier for you. 

You just have to sign up for a 14-day free trial to get started. Once you are well versed with all its features and benefits, you can move on to buy the software. 

The pricing is affordable and there are many options for online payments.

To Conclude,

Start Booking is the best online scheduling software that offers complete customer management for your salon business. Use the software and grow your salon business.