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Ways to Give a Seamless Virtual Booking Experience to Your Customers

As an organization working to optimize consumer experience, you need to think about different ways to make your company’s services seamless for customers.

Creating a strong Omni-channel offering should be on your top agenda particularly when the world is under lockdown. There has been a constant race for brands to create an engaging booking offering that can deliver the service online.

Here are some ways to give a seamless virtual booking experience to your customers:-

1. Let customers book virtual appointments 

Even if the majority of customers make a booking from home, there is a demand for remote support and advice. This is a primary reason why retailers are moving their store experts to online settings by expanding the customer service teams. 

Making them available for similar kinds of high-level services through video or phone appointments is important. Companies are doing their best to engage customers using innovations that connect on a one-to-one basis. 

Customers want a simplified experience today; booking a virtual appointment from home is the best way to do that. Most store retailers offer a range of virtual services that allow customers to connect for consultations via video calls. 

2. Simplify the booking process

Various tools and resources are available to engage with your customers online. From premium videos to telephonic services, you’ll be able to connect in many ways. Do you have a service that allows customers to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online? 

You need to create a seamless experience that allows your customers to view and then select suitable time slots with virtual experts. For this, you’ll need to invest in the right booking and scheduling software. The leading software providers also allow you to integrate with video calling platforms like Zoom that makes the setup process convenient. 

3. Create a virtual line up 

In these Covid 19 times, social distancing is important. The customers need to limit their in-store time so virtual queues are a great way to encourage social distancing. 

You don’t have to ask your customers to stand in line for accessing your services. Instead, have them join a virtual line up and keep them updated about their position on a remote basis. 

With the queue management feature of booking software, you’ll be able to limit the number of people on your website creating a streamlined experience for all your customers. This will also help the customer experience teams to manage incoming customers. 

4. Keep your customers updated in real-time

When your customers join the virtual queue, you must ensure that the whole process is transparent. If your customers book an appointment by joining a virtual queue, many will leave the queue if the communication is not transparent. 

You must keep your customers updated in real-time through a weblink, SMS, and email notifications to let them know about their exact position in the line-up. 

You need to notify them of the waiting time and provide them with confirmation messages and reminders. Also, create a post-appointment follow up after this.

5. Make improvements with data-driven insights

Online services now give you the ability to access data insights. You’ll be able to determine your customer’s needs with the help of booking and scheduling software.

You’ll be able to find the experience from your customer’s perspective, which will help you improve in the future. 

To conclude, 

To excel in a seamless virtual booking experience, you need to deploy the best tools and make use of software that makes your job easier. Customer engagement technology is evolving for a more engaging experience, so make use of it.