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Pros & Cons of WordPress Booking Plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform that not only lets you integrate with different plugins but also scales your business higher. WordPress booking plugin helps to increase your customer booking experience. If your customers can make a booking with a single click, it’ll save time and effort. 

The plugin lets your customers’ book appointments professionally. WordPress booking plugin provides a powerful connection between WordPress websites and the booking software. 

Start Booking is one such software that provides customers the ability to book appointments directly without leaving your site. Now, you don’t have to manage your office, spa, and salon appointments from the WordPress admin page. It provides you with the best booking experience. 

Pros & Cons of WordPress Booking Plugin:- 



Customer management

It lets you create customer profiles with different tools to manage your marketing preferences. It lets you know about comprehensive appointment history and helps you to create logs for better record keeping. 

Booking appointments

A booking subscription gives full access to the booking software that allows you to accept bookings directly on your WordPress website. You’ll be able to make multi appointments in a single checkout. It lets you manage group appointments with check-in and check-out features. 

Custom integrations 

WordPress booking plugin lets you integrate with several tools like Google calendar, Mailchimp, Stripe, Google analytics, and Zoom. Custom integrations ensure that your customers get the best experience in booking an appointment. 

Simple interface 

If the interface of the plugin is complicated, then it becomes difficult to integrate with a website. But, most WordPress booking plugin comes with a simple interface that offers customizable options for the website. 

Transfer assistance

With the WordPress booking plugin, you’ll be able to transfer your previous customer information in the appointment software. You don’t have to manually transfer all the information which can be a time-consuming affair. 

Trial options 

A 14-day trial option lets you use the software so that you get used to it. This is another advantage as you can later buy the plan after using it. 

Increase conversion 

It lets you increase conversions as it is focused on converting users directly on the site they visit. With the plugin, there is no reason why customers will leave your website without booking an appointment. 

Performance focused 

A WordPress booking plugin is performance-focused. It provides a chance to the potential customer to make a booking through your website without any issue. 


Payments restrictions

Some WordPress plugins have payment restrictions. They may accept only certain payment gateways. This also depends on the booking location or place you make an appointment from. 

Limited Integration

Integration feature is important but some plugins offer limited integration. They may let you integrate with only 3 to 4 different tools, which may offer limited scope. 

Different pricing plans 

The free version of the WordPress booking plugin offers limited features. You’ll not be able to avail all the features with the free version. For that, you may have to shift to a premium or pro plan. 

Design and customization

Some plugins offer an easy interface while some are more complicated. And if there is no customization option, then it’ll be difficult to integrate your website with the plugin. 

To Conclude, 

With the installation of the WordPress booking plugin, customers will be able to view and select a service from your website. They can make an appointment from the calendar and select a suitable time. 

You’ll be able to capture customer information, so you don’t have to make manual entries. Integrate with a suitable WordPress Booking plugin and help your customers make quick booking appointments.