As an organization working to optimize consumer experience, you need to think about different ways to make your company’s services seamless for customers. Creating a strong Omni-channel offering should be on your top agenda particularly when the world is under lockdown. There has been a constant race for brands to create an engaging booking offering […]

We are excited to announce the release of upsells for online booking. Over the last 6 months we’ve had many customers request the ability to offer additional services or products during the booking and it’s finally here. Why Upsells Upsells are a vital part of running a business these days. If you think about it, […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated businesses around the world to try and limit physical contact and move their customers online. If you run a brick-and-mortar store, the transition to e-commerce is fairly straightforward… but what if you run a service business? It can be tricky to take your fitness studio or coaching business online – […]

Fitness studios nationwide have been forced to adapt their operations due to COVID-19. Having a WordPress booking plugin can help your fitness studio thrive even during these strange times. From offering virtual sessions to letting gym members looking to exercise at their facilities in-person book an appointment to keep numbers low, a WordPress booking plugin […]

We’ve told you all about what Start Booking CAN do for your service business. But we thought we’d switch gears for a moment and highlight what it DOES do for thousands of service businesses like yours around the country every single day. Today, we’re featuring A Healing Touch Medical Massage, a massage clinic that’s experienced […]

If your company’s used to doing all of its business in-person, now is the time to pivot instead of waiting out the storm. Successfully operating your service business during the new normal involves a lot of patience, flexibility, and creativity. If you don’t transition your business online, you run the risk of missing out on […]

As more and more people stay at home and rely on digital communication, your company website is important than ever. It’s your virtual storefront – the very first interaction many customers will ever have with your brand and your services. In our increasingly digital age, it’s crucial to add online booking to your website. Incorporating an […]

If WordPress powers your business’s website, you already know what an incredible asset it can be. But are you looking to take your WordPress website to the next level? If so, it might be a good idea to look into various available plugins. Especially if your business is in the service industry, using a WordPress […]

WordPress is an incredible tool for any business owner interested in putting their best face forward online. But your WordPress website is only as good as the plugins you use. WordPress plugins give you added functionality with hardly any effort. They bridge the gap between you and your site visitors, helping you understand how your […]