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At Start Booking, we understand that it often takes many products and tools to accomplish your goals. Our focus is to deliver the world's best online scheduling service and we'll happily let the great companies below solve everything else.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics integration, you’ll be able to gain insights into your customer behavior and visualize the performance of your booking flow.

  • Real-time page views
  • Service impressions
  • Service clicks
  • E-Commerce metrics
Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Connect your personal Google Calendar with your Start Booking account and get two-way sync so you can view, create and manage appointments however you like. With our smart booking technology, we won't let customers book over your personal appointments.

  • Two-way Sync
  • Connect all your calendars
  • Smart Booking Technology
  • Real-time connections


Connect your Mailchimp account with the Start Booking platform to seamlessly push your customers into a Mailchimp list so you can easily target and send newsletters to your customers.

  • Select list to add users to segment
  • Automattically push customers
Stripe Integration


The Stripe integration makes integrating payments into your online booking experience simple and awesome! Connect your own Stripe account and experience managing your customer payments and credit cards all in one place.

  • Accept payments instantly
  • Use your own Stripe account
  • Stripe best practices & security
  • Sync customers and payments

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WordPress Integration


Integrate the Start Booking platform directly on your WordPress website with the Start Booking WordPress plugin.

  • Built exclusively for WordPress
  • Optimized the "WordPress way"
  • Updated frequently
  • Proven, stable & secure

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Zoom Meetings

Connect your Zoom account with Start Booking to enjoy seamless virtual meetings for your appointments and classes.

  • Automatically create Zoom meetings
  • Connect per user
  • Works with both free and paid accounts
  • Supports both appointments and classes

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