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Customer Highlight: A Healing Touch Medical Massage

We’ve told you all about what Start Booking CAN do for your service business. But we thought we’d switch gears for a moment and highlight what it DOES do for thousands of service businesses like yours around the country every single day.

Today, we’re featuring A Healing Touch Medical Massage, a massage clinic that’s experienced great results ever since switching to Start Booking.

A Healing Touch Medical Massage

Based in Fort Mitchell, KY, A Healing Touch Medical Massage has been in business for over 16 years. They provide medical massage, deep tissue massage, microcurrent point stimulation, and aromatherapy services to their customers, all of which are available to schedule online.

Of course, this medical massage clinic hasn’t always been using Start Booking to schedule appointments. In fact, when they first decided to make the switch to online booking, they tried a different platform. In the owner’s own words:

“Before I used Start Booking, I had so many bugs and glitches with the other booking platform I was using. Now my booking service is much more streamlined. Plus, Start Booking has a customer service team that’s always available through live chat to help work out any kinks, which makes things easier for me.”

It’s been a little difficult for A Healing Touch Medical Massage to adjust to the new normal brought on by COVID-19. They’ve noticed that patients are more cautious and fearful, causing some of them to avoid coming in as often as they used to. Still, Start Booking has helped many of those customers to stay connected to the business and schedule their appointments in a more convenient way.

We’re so happy A Healing Touch Medical Massage has chosen Start Booking to schedule all of their online appointments!

See Start Booking in action on A Healing Touch Medical Massage’s live website here.

(You might recognize also the site from the Start Booking demos.)

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