Google Integration Overview

The Google integration is a great way to keep your Google calendar aware of all your appointments created within the Start Booking app. Anytime there is a appointment created, we will push the appointment out to your calendar as well in real time.

How to connect your Google Calendar

Log into your Start Booking account, click the account name in the top right to go to your account center and lastly click integrations from the account center navigation. Quick Link:

From here, you will see the section for the Google integration like below.

Click connect and you will be taken through the Google authorization flow which is you giving the Start Booking software consent to manage your Google Calendar. You can alway, disconnect at anytime. When you return back to the integrations page, you should have a successful connection established and the button will change from Connect to Disconnect.

How the integration works

The Start Booking software will create a new calendar on the connected account with the account name. We do this so that you can easily toggle your Start Booking appointments on and off and keep your personal life separated if you want. Notice the calendar “Beauty Lab” in the screenshot below:

Quick link:

From this point forward, any new appointment that is created/updated/deleted will get pushed out to your account calendar in your Google calendar.

Additional Notes

  • Only appointments created after the connection is established will be pushed to your Google Calendar.
  • Only appointments that have been pushed to your Google Calendar when they were created will be updated in your calendar as well.
  • This integration does not support the ability for you to edit or change the appointment in Google and have the change reflected within the Start Booking software.